Three times you should really hire a copywriter (and three times it’s totally cool to DIY your copy)

three times you should really hire a copywriter

You know when you need a batch of antibiotics from the doctor, a fresh set of spark plugs from your mechanic and a glasses prescription from your optometrist.

But knowing when to hire a copywriter?

 It’s a little less black and white.

… Or is it?

You see, just like your doctor, mechanic and optometrist, a copywriter is a specialist.

You bring them into your business to help you achieve certain goals.

Some goals are driven by a problem.

Like visiting a doctor when you’re struggling to shake off a virus, you can hire a copywriter when something has gone wrong in your business.

Maybe …

  • Your visual brand doesn’t match your written brand, which means potential customers don’t trust your biz.
  • You’re failing to connect with your target audience, so your competitors are being chosen more than you are.
  • Your sales are sluggish (more on this soon).
  • Your website copy doesn’t compel and you’re finding it hard to keep your visitors engaged and entertained.


On the flip, some goals are driven by the hunt for improvement.

Like getting your turbo tuned because you want to squeeze out a few extra kilowatts.

There might not be anything wrong with your current turbo performance … but you know you can do better.

In your business, this might look like …

  • Converting more visitors into leads.
  • Making more sales
  • Boosting your brand awareness.
  • Increasing your newsletter subscribers.


These are the times when you bring in a copywriter to help you achieve great things.

… Which all feels a little vague at the moment, right?

I mean who doesn’t want to be more popular and more profitable?

So, when EXACTLY should you hire a copywriter?

Here are three very specific situations that I recommend you hire a copywriter.


Hire a copywriter when …


Your website struggles to sell your stuff.

Leaky tap? Hire a plumber. Huntsman spider hanging out in your bedroom? Burn your house down. Sluggish website conversions? Hire a copywriter.

Yep – it’s that simple!

Knowing exactly how to transform your web copy into words that connect and sell is your copywriter’s job, yo. That’s their jam. It’s what they do.



You’re launching something new (and want it to sell like hotcakes).

Have your past launches been more “meh” than memorable? Or maybe you’ve achieved some success and now you’re ready to level-up, go pro and supercharge your sales?

Hire a copywriter.

I love writing sales page copywriting for new products and services (and, hey, even new businesses!) because I get to flex my conversion muscles, put my creativity to good use and create copy that compels and sells.

It’s like how some people (not me, mind you haha) enjoy running. Feet pounding on the pavement. Sweat dripping down their neck. That incredible runner’s high. It’s fun.

For me, there’s nothing more fun than creatively problem-solving your copy and turning it into a wordy story that sells.



You hate writing.

You wouldn’t ask your art-phobe partner to create your next masterpiece. Nor would you ask your 15-year-old nephew to ditch his video game to clean your house for you. For free. (Unless, of course, you get a thrill out of ruining someone’s day).

Just like you shouldn’t write your own website copy if you hate writing. Not only will you loathe every second, but that energy will seep into your copy and turn potential customers off.

Leave your writing to someone that LOVES words and can’t get enough of ‘em.

Mmm words. Nom nom nom.


DIY your copywriting when …


You don’t have a clear brand.

Haven’t quite figured out your visual brand or your brand personality? Or maybe you’re not exactly sure who your target customers are yet?

Hold off on hiring a copywriter.

Copywriters work best when there’s a clear visual brand in place. They can help you create a brand personality, but only if they know who they’re creating for (Hint: It’s not you. Hello, target customers.)


Your budget is limited.

Good copywriting ain’t cheap.

Great copywriting? It’s worth every penny … but it’ll cost you a few.

So if you have a small budget, don’t overextend yourself. DIY your own copywriting and save up for the copywriter of your dreams.

No, your website won’t be as powerful and persuasive as it could be in the meantime. Yes, there’ll definitely be loads of room for improvement.

But, hey, it’ll give you something to look forward to.


Psst: Thinking of hiring a Fiverr or a noob copywriter? Don’t do it. You know your business better than they do, promise, and putting sloppy words on your site will only push your business and brand back ten steps.


You’re a copywriter that’s a pro at writing great web copy.

Welcome, pro copywriter!

If you’re a career copywriter that knows their way around conversion and consumer psychology, go right ahead and write your own website copy.

You’ve got this.

(But, if you’re a pro copywriter that can woo your client’s words … but can’t for the life of you figure out how to woo your own, it’s totally okay to hire a copywriter to help you. It happens. Ain’t no shame.)


Phew – so what’s the verdict, cupcake?

DIY or hiring a copywriter?


I’m doing it myself, Cass!”

Oooh, I’m excited for you! If you need some inspo to get you started, make sure you check out the Bookshop and load up on freebies.


“I’m hiring a copywriter!”

YAY! You’re going to love having your words wooed. And, hey, if you like my wordy style, why not check out my creative website copywriting?


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