woo them WITH

YOUR Web copy

woo them WITH

A long-haul flight. When you're stuck in economy. Without snacks. In the middle seat. Squished between a snorer and a guffawer. And your entertainment system isn't working. Maybe. Maybe that comes close. 

But still ... writing your own web copy can be pretty frustrating. 'Cos even if you can string a pretty sentence together - and actually enjoy doing it - there's always that creeping self-doubt that you're doing it wrong

Cue insomnia, headaches, junk food cravings, horror music and what I call The Copy Panic; a unique affliction that plagues ambitious female entrepreneurs that want to build a successful and profitable business by making their web copy count. 

Is there anything worse than trying to figure out your own website copy?

*I'm Australian. I promise that rhymes ... kinda. 

A chronicle of the impact your future compelling web copy adventure will have on your dream customers

From stranger to craving ya*

Not just any customers ... your dream customers. The ones you love doing business with and the peeps you know your offering can truly help. These are the humans you're trying to reach.

But right now it's like they're stuck atop a cloud-cuddling, windblown mountain ... disconnected and distracted from your message. 

The dude/damsel in distress (D.I.D)

You're on a mission to build a business that ticks all the boxes: Passion, purpose, pleasure and profit.

And you know that the heart of your business is more than just you ... it's your customers.

The brave heroine
(That's you.)

Psst. Did you know it takes under eight seconds for a website visitor to decide if they're into your business? 

You need to reach your D.I.D. Fast. 'Cos all around you other businesses are clamouring to get to them first. It's a cacophony of digital noise overwhelming your D.I.D as they try to google their way out of a problem that you can fix ... if only your website could convince them of that. 

Now, decent marketing - and SEO - might get them on your site. Good design might attract their interest. 

But creatively compelling copy is going to convince them to stay, play and hang around all day, every day. It’s the difference between a website that informs and advises and a website that meaningfully connects, compels and sells. And it's what's going to help you capture and keep your distracted D.I.D's attention. 

Plot twist: How to connect with your D.I.D

Creative copy to the rescue

Our quest begins! The dramatic adventure music plays in the background as I swoop in to extract your one-of-a-kind message, values and value, weaving it into irresistibly compelling copy your D.I.D is unable to resist. 

Charmed by your story, offerings and brilliance (carefully articulated by yours truly), your D.I.D peeks over the edge of their windblown mountain and catches your eye. 

It's an epic moment loaded with electricity and meaning. 

Hola! I'm Cass. Psychology major. Marketing minor. Chocolate muncher. Ex-journo. Named after an ancient Greek priestess that could see into the future (but was cursed with nobody believing her, thus coining the phrase, "I TOLD you so!'). Fan of The Flash. And your wordy secret weapon. 

I have a decade of experience behind me and am the go-to girl for personality-packed communications that blend strategy with storytelling.

Fun fact:
I was the founder, creator and editor of an online magazine that has surfed Apple’s top app charts. 

Enter the wordy secret weapon

Thanks to your wordy secret weapon's words (*buffs collar*), you and your D.I.D have officially connected. Finally, your D.I.D is ready to let you solve their problem with your incredible offering. 

The relationship status has shifted from 'it's complicated' to 'happily ever after'. 

Now your D.I.D is at home, posting, tweeting and #happycrying about their experience with you. They're recommending you to all your friends and your inbox is piling up with orders. Suddenly your business is the name on everyone's lips. Best of all ... you helped somebody. 

All in all, not a bad day's work and it was a darn good story to tell, don't you think? 'Cos when it comes down to it ...

The happily ever after


You don’t want to simply share your story. You want to become a part of your customer’s story.


You're an ambitious boss at the helm of a business you adore.


I'm a kindred spirit with a business I also refer to as my 'baby'. 


You have something really cool to share with the world. You're just not so good at selling it.


I can help you articulate your genius and position your offering with strategy and style.


You're digging my copy style and want more than words for your website ... you want a personality.


My copy style is personality-driven, allowing you to cultivate a unique and compelling brand voice.


You know exactly who you want your business to attract. 


I write words that tickle your dream customers' emotional sweet spots.


You have a plan to get eyeballs on your website.


I have a plan to help you connect and convert once they're there!

But answer 'yes' to these questions ... and we might-just-be-perfect-for-each-other maybe. 

Hey, I just met you.
And this is crazy. 

Extra web copy

Perfect for those extra bits and pieces. FAQ, product descriptions, contact page and more. 

Sales page copy

Perfect for e-products and service-based businesses. The dream digital salesperson (no sick days!) 

About page copy

Perfect for highlighting your expertise and building a meaningful bond with your audience. 

Perfect for capturing their attention and cultivating an instant emotional connection.

Home page copy

Maybe even several yeses? Woo hoo - I'm getting excited. Okay, let's talk about how I can help you with your creative website copywriting. 

Was it a "yes"?!

"Before Cass and I worked together, I really struggled to explain what I was offering.

I didn't feel confident with the packages or the message I was sending out into the world. I wanted my words to have more focus and clarity, which was why I hired Cass to rewrite my web copy. I'm so grateful I did! Working together was honestly a dream come true. Cass understood my business so well that it almost feels as though she was co-founder of A Mystical Life. She helped elevate my brand to another level and share my vision with words that were so authentic and aligned with who I am and what I offer."


Annie Mand, Founder of A Mystical Life.


Getting my web copy crafted by Wild Spirit Co. was the best investment I've ever made.


I was so anxious about outsourcing my web copy. I wanted to create a personality-driven brand that was strong from launch ... Which meant I needed to find someone that "got me" straight away. I had a precise style/personality in mind that I wanted to portray, and well, Cass f*cking nailed it. 

Today, my customers instantly fall in love with my products and don't even hesitate to buy, because Cass has turned my product into a brand that sells."  



Kady Capewell, Fancy Schmancy Balloon Co.  



“I know more about my company than anyone does ... yet that didn’t help me pull together the right words to describe it! 


When I was searching for a copywriter, I loved how Cass’s copy felt like I was talking to somebody. Somebody real, with personality. It was so casual and upbeat, and I wanted something like that for Jet Journal. I wanted people to feel truly connected with us and our app, something I felt our existing web copy didn’t achieve. Enter stage right, Cass’s copy! I was SO excited when I received my first draft. It was like “YESSS, this is what I’ve been trying to say!” … just way better! Cass nailed our brand voice and tone, keeping it casual and personal, yet informative and authoritative too.”



Maddy Odom, owner and creator Jet Journal



More proof that my clients are way cooler (and kinder) than me. 


That's what she said ...


With one round of revisions up your sleeve. your web copy will be *makes Italian kissing sound complete with finger gesture*.


Our project begins! Cue the word-wooing. My average turnaround time for web copy is four weeks. 


We'll lock in your project schedule and I will await your start date with eager anticipation. 

You like what you see and get in touch. 


I send over your invoice (payable in advance), creative agreement and welcome kit. 


You give the green light that you want to go ahead. 


I'll respond within 48-hours. 



You download my Copy Curiosity Kit. 

Psst. I only accept a maximum of four web copy clients per month. 

Want to wrap your head around how this whole content marketing sales funnel thing would go down? Here's the typical journey. 

How it works