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attraction and conversion game?

Make your own luck and bring in the buck(s) with concept to
completion online sales funnel strategy and copywriting. 

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What if you didn't have to worry about where your next customer was going to come from?

Not because you've sold your soul, made a wish on a shooting star or discovered a genie in a bottle. Not because you've slogged yourself silly, working 24-hours a day, seven days a week. And definitely not because you've been hustling so hard that the words 'stress-free' and 'relaxation' sound like a foreign language to you.

In fact, right here, right now, let's just ditch the hustle. Relax those shoulders. Loosen that jaw. This is your time for effortlessly converting your dream customers ... and ensuring there's a steady flow of those gorgeous peeps coming in through your virtual doors. 

"But how, Cass? Are you sure this isn't a magic genie thing?"

Positive. It's a magic sales funnel thing. 

... While you're having fun baking cupcakes. And sleeping. And chilling out at the cinemas. And travelling the world. 'Cos you've got better things to do with your time than hustle hard for those sales.

Introducing set-and-go content marketing sales funnels
that help you bring in the dough. 

Psst. Did you know 81% of consumers research a purchase online before buying? Which makes an online sales funnel a perfect way to attract and convert your dream customers!

Here's the deal: It takes consumers an average of 79 days to research and collect enough information before they're ready to make a major purchase.

Which is annoying, because you want sales now, right? I get it. I really do. But knowledge is power, sunshine. And now that you know your customers are hanging around, searching for the right information to persuade them to commit to you and your awesome offerings ... well the sky's the limit.

'Cos the truth is that if you take the time to get this right, you can harness the potential of those 79 days to increase your conversions and keep a steady stream of primed-to-buy customers coming your way. 

Here's how it works. 

Sales while you sleep ... I'm dreaming, right?

Why email? Isn't that so 2007? Email marketing is important, yo. Like cash-in-bank important. In fact, email marketing has an average return on investment of $38 for every $1 spent. 

So getting potential clients onto your mailing list is vital. Which we're going to do by creating an opt-in incentive they can't wait to get their happy hands on.

We get them on your mailing list.

Step two:

Fun fact: 70% of peeps would prefer to learn about a company through articles and blogs rather than advertisements.  

Your customers crave content. Interesting, engaging, relevant and high-quality content that makes their eyeballs - and their hearts - happy.

And that's exactly what we're going to give them. 

We attract their interest. 

Step one:

Once they've been warmed up into a toasty human ball of "gimme something to buy, buddy!" we make the pitch.

We harness the positive relationship you've now built with them to connect, compel and sell in an email that offers them something that they won't wanna resist. 

Another fun fact: 75% of purchasing decisions are based on emotion. 

We make the pitch.

Step four:

Now that they're on your list, we're going to serve them a series of e-mails designed to educate and empower them through that vital decision-making period. 

There'll be some strategy, some marketing science, but most of all there'll be some seriously good content. 

Fun fact: 20% of online shoppers have made a purchase while in the bathroom.

We give them #alltheinfo.

Step three:

Oh ... and did I mention all of this happens without you having to lift a finger? Yep, together we'll set your content marketing sales funnel up so it's humming away in the background, fully automated and ready to woo.

All you have to do is upload the blog, get your opt-in incentive designed and ready to roll, then copy and paste the e-mail series into your e-mail marketing provider, and voila.

You'll have a system in place that helps ensure you never have to worry about where your next customer is going to come from again. 

It's that easy. 

to effortless conversions.

Say hello

Best of all, content marketing sales funnels feel good (for you and your customers) because you're genuinely adding value.

Field trip! Come join me in the bookshop, friend.  I'll bring the free resources (filled to the brim with secret squirrel copywriting strategies, techniques and guides). You bring a smile. Deal?

Want to see some content marketing in action?

"I sold out my
e-course in under a week.  

It was my very first multiple five-figure launch and it would not have been possible with Cass's help (and awesome content). 

Together, we served my mailing list a series of e-mails that took them from unsure to in-love ... and gave me the funds to take my entire family on a trip to Vegas ... flying business class."


Anna Dower, mentor for graphic designers at



I was so f*cking happy with the creative web copy and content Cass delivered. But then she went and blew my expectations out of the water by doubling my mailing list … in under a week. 

From the moment Cass and I connected, I felt like everything was under control. Since I’ve launched, the positive feedback on my copy has been rolling in and I’m now eyeing up a booked-out calendar and a very happy business!” 


Jenna-Rae Hallett, Jenna-Rae Designs



"Thanks to Cass, my average order size has now doubled.

I’m booking clients at much higher price points now, too. Cass was able to flawlessly convey the value of my offerings in a way that I never could. Since launching my new site, visitors have been spending more time on the sales page (which I was so impressed with) than they used to on the entire site! I love how Cass has given me the words to match the personality I designed for my brand. Even more than her skill and talent, I love her commitment to the project and to me as a client. I knew she was going to make it perfect and give me something I was proud of — and that’s exactly what she did!”


Moriah Riona,



Some nifty results my cool clients have achieved.


Proof in the puddin'


I send over your invoice (payable in advance), creative agreement and welcome kit. 



We'll lock in your project schedule and I will await your start date with eager anticipation. 


Our project begins! Cue the word-wooing. My average turnaround time for a sales funnel is four weeks. 


You download my Copy Curiosity Kit. 


You like what you see and get in touch. 


I'll respond within 48-hours. 


You give the green light that you want to go ahead. 

With one round of revisions up your sleeve. your sales funnel will be *makes Italian kissing sound complete with finger gesture*.

Psst. I only accept one sales funnel client per month. 

Want to wrap your head around how this whole content marketing sales funnel thing would go down? Here's the typical journey. 

How it works