Ten common web copy mistakes ruining your credibility and conversions

common web copy mistakes ruining your credibility and conversions

Can’t figure out why your web copy is failing to do its job of captivating and converting visitors into customers?

Don’t panic. You’re in the right place.

In today’s post, I’ll be slipping on my Sherlock Holmes investigative cap and walking you through ten common web copy mistakes that ruin your credibility and conversions.


Mistake # 1: Typos and grammatical errors

You’ve re-read your web copy at least ten times. You know it off by heart. Heck, you can practically recite it in your sleep. Yet, somehow, a typo – or few – slipped through the cracks. Ugh! How annoying.

I feel you, fam. Nobody means to make a typo. That’s why they’re called errors. But even if you didn’t mean to make them, they’re still negatively impacting your biz.

Your audience doesn’t look at a typo and think, “Oh, whoopsy daisy. A typo. How adorable.”

They look at a mistake and think, “This business has no attention to detail and doesn’t take pride in their work. How can I trust them/their offerings if they can’t even fix a typo?”

Don’t shoot the messenger.


Mistake # 2: Writing solely for Google

You’ve probably heard of a little something something called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), right? In particular that it’s super important for getting your website seen online?

Well, it is.

… To a point.

We’ve all landed on that website that’s been so loaded up with keywords that it’s practically unreadable. Not only does it fail to connect with you, but it actually turns you off working with the biz, right?

This is the danger of keyword overdose. It’s why my copywriting is Google-conscious but human-friendly.

Google won’t give you sales.

They will send online traffic your way. Which, if you have a conversion-friendly website, WILL get you sales.

But it’s only one part of the story. Once they’re on your site, you have to persuade them you’re worth investing in.

… Which is what your copywriting is for.


Mistake # 3: Failing to understand your audience

Does your web copy instantly connect with your dream customers?

Truth time: If your web copy isn’t a digital love letter to your audience, it’s not doing its job.

There are so many times when what you like matters … but this isn’t one of them.

Your web copy should be alllll about your dream customers. It needs to show that not only do you understand and get them, but you care about them too.

Anything less, and your conversions will definitely suffer.


Mistake # 4: Dull headlines

Readers have short attention spans. Like four-second short. You have to capture and keep their attention almost instantly.

Which calls for engaging and entertaining headlines! But if your headlines alone can’t keep your audience reading …

Farewell potential customers and hello high bounce rate.


Mistake # 5: Shallow copy

There’s short and sweet copy … and then there’s just straight-out shallow copy.

Your web copy needs to have style and substance.

If it barely skims the surface of your audience’s emotional needs, then you’ll likely struggle to convert visitors into leads.


Mistake # 6: Long-winded copy

Remember how I said that readers have short attention spans? This means they aren’t going to read your 20,000 word ‘about’ page. And they sure as heck aren’t going to read the 25 disclaimers topping your ‘contact’ page.

You know what they’re going to do instead? Click away. Taking their cash and their business with them.

Sad face.


Mistake # 7: Boring copy

Snooze fest or page turner?

Your web copy is more than just words on a screen: It’s a story with the potential to captivate and compel … or bore and repel.

And with so many other shiny websites to explore, if yours doesn’t evoke emotion then you can bet your bottom dollar, they’ll be off to visit one that does.



Mistake # 8: Unclear copy

If your website doesn’t instantly communicate what you do, you’ve already lost potential customers.

With our fast-paced busy lives, your readers don’t have time to trawl through your copy and attempt to figure out what you’re offering.

They want clear copy that communicates with them in a way they can easily understand. No 500 IQ problem-solving required!


Mistake # 9: Not expressing your true value

Okay, so let’s say your website clearly communicates what you do.

Your next job? To show why your audience should care.

If you fail to give your audience a compelling reason why they should hang around and get to know you better, they’ll leave.

And the way you compel them to care is by expressing the value you bring to the table. After all, what’s more interesting than finding out somebody can help you fulfil your needs and create your dream life?



Mistake # 10: Neglecting your call-to-actions

Want to know the difference between an okay website and a great website?

An okay website provides a digital destination for their audience to visit.

A great website offers a virtual journey for their audience to explore.

Because the truth is that your customers aren’t robots. They don’t decide they need something and then go get it. Wham, bam, thank you, Pam.

There are steps, both emotional and physical, they need to take before they’re ready to buy.

They need to …

  • Get to know you better.
  • Understand the value you offer.
  • Know how you can help them.
  • Believe they can trust you.
  • Understand what’ll happen once they hit the ‘buy’ or ‘contact’ button.
  • Go on a journey with you.


And like any good tour guide, you’ll need to gently lead them from where they are to (total strangers) where they want to be (loyal customers).

Which is where your call-to-actions come in!

A call-to-action is an area on your page devoted to inciting action from your audience.

It can be a ‘buy now’ button, a link to your services page, a blog post to educate them on your value or even an opt-in to help them get to know you better.

Whatever it may be, your call-to-action should represent the next logical step in your journey together.

If you don’t have these digital signposts, your visitors will get fed up, confused, overwhelmed and lost.

Want to see a call-to-action in, well, action? Here’s one I prepared earlier. 😉


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