How to alchemise your biz’s quiet season (and transform it into sustainable abundance)

how to alchemise the quiet season in your business

Has a lull in sales got you twiddling your thumbs and crooning to crickets?

A lead-free inbox might not seem like anything to celebrate, but the truth is that a slow period might just be the blessing you need to transform your biz – and profit – for the better.

Here’s how.

When I first started my copywriting business, well-intentioned humans often told me that it was normal for there to be ebbs and flows in my schedule.

“You’ll have busy times and slow times,” they said. “Feast and famine. It’s just how business works.”

So I took my busy (and profitable) times with a grain of salt and learned to expect the slow times.

Except … It kinda sucked.

And by kinda, I mean it really, really sucked.

With an empty inbox, I anxiously awaited the arrival of new clients with a passion usually reserved for my UberEats guy.

“Surely there’s something I can do to ensure my schedule is always full?” I wondered.

So I ditched ‘normal’ and begun exploring ways to transform my famine into an eternal feast.

It took me four years to master a system that transformed my slow periods into sustainable success, but today I’m happily booked out for weeks (and often months) in advance.

It’s been over a year since I’ve worried about bringing in new clients.

And instead of hunting and hustling for leads, I am gifted with an abundance of fresh prospects and projects every single week.

Yep, you read correctly: Every. Single. Week.

So … how’d I do it?

There’s the usual stuff, like cultivating connections and clients that rave about you (and send you a never-ending supply of referrals).

But the truth is that I can pinpoint the exact THREE things I did that transformed my business.

How I turned a slow season into sustainable abundance  

Decision #1: I revamped my visuals.

I’ve always been super dooper passionate about great design. I think a strong visual identity is VITAL to a businesses’ success. So last year, I worked with two creative powerhouses to transform my visuals and take my biz to the next level: Brianna from 27 Design Street and Emma from Emma Troy Design.

Together, these two ladies took my website and brand from bland to brilliant.

And once my visuals were aligned with my copy and brand personality, the sky was the limit.

Decision #2: I identified my buyer lifecycle

And no, I don’t mean how long my clients live. Awkward face.

Your buyer lifecycle is the journey your buyer goes on with you, from the first time they interact with your brand through to when they hit the ‘go’ button and invest in your product/service.

For me, my buyer lifecycle is around 90 days.

Which means once somebody interacts with my brand, it takes 90 days for them to decide to work with me.

This was invaluable intelligence.

Lemme explain why …

Decision #3: I invested in my content marketing

In the past, those 90 days would have been filled with tumbleweed and crickets.

However, once I found out exactly how long I had up my sleeve to woo potential clients, I turned one slow period into a lifetime of leads by creating a targeted calendar of content marketing designed to amplify my conversions.

This meant …

  • I created a value-loaded newsletter packed with freebies.
  • I posted on social media (especially Instagram) regularly and offered content that was unique and helpful.
  • I built creative content marketing sales funnels designed to attract new leads and transform them into loyal clients.


But the key?

I wasn’t just churning out standard issue copy. I was being truly creative by crafting interactive and entertaining content that danced outside the box.

This not only captured my dream clients’ attention, but also ensured that I only ever attracted businesses that loved my style.



So … looking to replicate my results?

Here’s your three-step shimmy:

  • Step one: Review your visuals.

Are they up to snuff? Do they reflect your brand personality?

  • Step two: Investigate your buyer lifecycle

If you’re unsure, consider polling current or past customers and collect their insights.

  • Step three: Create targeted content marketing

Finally, turn strangers into loyal customers by serving them targeted content that fulfils their needs.


Then, sit back and soak up the sales!

Want to explore how content marketing can help your biz?

Head on over here, superstar.


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