Steal my Easter-themed out of office message

easter themed out of the office message

Taking time off over the Easter long weekend and need an out of office template that doesn’t bore your peeps into a chocolate feeding frenzy?*

Here: Steal mine!


*Which actually sounds rather delicious, by the way.


My Your fun Easter-themed out of office template

Simply copy, paste and fill in the blank bits to customise for your biz.


Subject line:  This bunny has hopped out of the office!


Hi! Thanks so much for bouncing into my inbox.

I’m so excited to read your message … but I’m currently engaged in an intense competitive Easter egg hunt.

(You’ll be pleased to know that I’m in the lead!)

I’ll be back, sporting a gold medal and a belly full of chocolate, on [insert date].

Want something to do in the meantime?

Head on over to [insert location; e.g. blog/vlog/social media] to [insert action; e.g. read about xyz, listen to a podcast on carnivorous bunnies, see what I’m up to].

With love and nom noms,

[Insert your name]


Want a special out of office message copywritten just for you?

Hire me to woo your words and I’ll whip up a one-of-a-kind out of message that engages and entertains your peeps.

  1. So cool! Thanks lots, Cass! x

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