Is website design or website copy more important for biz success?

is website design or website copy more important

One of my beautiful friends is starting her own business (two cheers for our fellow entrepreneurial unicorn!) and during one of our biz brainstorming sessions recently, she said to me:

“Cass, I only have a small budget. Is website design or website copy more important for the success of my business?”

Now she knows that I’m a creative copywriter. She also knows that my speciality is in personality-driven, conversational conversion copy. Which is to say: I write words that woo and copy that converts.

So I’m fairly certain she expected me to throw all of my copywriting cards on the table and holler, “CHOOSE WEB COPY, MY RAINBOW-TINTED ENTREPRENEURIAL FRIEND!”

Except, well, I didn’t. This is what I said instead …

The web copy vs web design argument

“Every business is different. You don’t need to follow some six-step blueprint to business success,” I told her.

“Your journey is as unique as you are and there is no ‘right’ way to do things. In saying that, here are a few things you might want to consider …”

  • Are images or words more important for selling your unique services?
  • Are you talented, gifted or experienced in either website design or website copy?
  • Which area do you feel more confident in?
  • Which area do you feel needs the most support?


And my top question: Is it more important for you to attract or convert customers at the moment?

Why I bow down to web and graphic designers

I’m a huge believer in visual branding and website design.

My business wouldn’t be even a shadow of what it is today if it weren’t for the incredible women I’ve worked with to bring my visual brand and online home to life.

And I truly believe great graphic design and visuals have been INVALUABLE for attracting my dream customers and cultivating my brand personality.

As for website copy?

Well, there’s a reason I’ve made creative copywriting my life work.

Humans are stories in motion. And there’s nothing more powerful than storytelling – and words – for connecting with your audience.

(And converting, baby.)

Your words sell.


So, yep, I’m gonna say it: You probably need both stunning website design and creative website copywriting to amplify your success.


If, like my friend, you can’t afford both just yet, answer the questions above and see where your heart guides you.

There is no right path to success. You make the rules.


Lookin’ like you need a word nerd?

Woo hoo! Come learn more about my creative website copywriting.


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