How to write the perfect Instagram caption (… even if you’re not a writer)

how to write the perfect instagram caption

Captivating your Instagram audience is a little like a Bonnie & Clyde duo act: Your image captures their eyeballs and your caption captures their hearts.*

And even though you’re doing awesome things with your images, you might feel like your captions aren’t holding their own in this audience-wooing adventure.

So you sit and you strum and you hum and you twiddle your thumb but no matter how hard you try you still can’t figure out what to write in your Instagram caption.

… Can’t you just pop in the finger peace sign emoji and be done with it?

Well, you could.

So far, there’s no research that shows that longer Instagram captions equal better engagement.

If you’ve got an awesome pic, you’ll still get those likes.

… But your bank account isn’t built on likes.

Your bank account is built on sales.

Sales that can only be made when you build a meaningful relationship with your customers and give them a strong reason to buy from you.

Which means …

You’ve gotta go deeper than just a pretty pic.

You need style AND substance. And you need an Instagram caption that showcases your brand personality and value.

But … where do you begin?

HERE! You begin HERE!

With a free visual guide designed to walk you through how to write the perfect Instagram caption.

Grab your free Captivating Captions kit: Your DIY guide to writing Instagram captions that captivate, compel and sell.


*Yessss, your image captures their hearts too. But for full-heart-soul-mate-worthy-captivating, the two have to work in harmony.

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