Can introverts have powerful websites … even if they’re naturally quiet?

Can introverts have powerful websites

You’re an out-and-proud introvert.

The type of gal that likes solitude (swoon), is revitalised by silence (gush) and is inspired by her quiet observations (so clever).

If there’s a pet at a party, you’ll find them. If there’s somebody crying, you’ll hear them. And if there’s an empty café, you’ll be found snuggled into the nook in the corner; the one where you can safely people-watch without being disturbed.

High-five, sister! Welcome to an exclusive community of bookworms, homebodies, independent spirits and straight-out awesome humans who promise to never call you – please, text only – or show up at your doorstep without notice. Gasp – the horror!

And while there are bountiful brilliant things about being an introvert, there’s the unavoidable side-effect that is having our voices unheard.

Yep, in a room of people, we’ll be the one voice that’s spoken over the top of and ignored.

And while I wish this side-effect stayed in the physical world, sadly it has leaked into the digital world too.

Tell me, do you ever feel like:

  • Other businesses and brands get more attention than yours does?
  • It’s impossible to get your voice heard over the cacophony of competition online?
  • Your offers, and brilliance, are drowned out by louder, more extroverted brands?
  • It’s way easier for other businesses to attract their (and your!) dream customers?

If you answered, “Yes” to any of these questions, then you’re likely being held back by the silencing side-effect of being an introverted entrepreneur.

This silencing side-effect has symptoms of:

  • Being unable to articulate your awesomeness.
  • Feeling unwilling to showcase your genius.
  • Hiding yourself – and your brilliance – from the world.

Which means, unfortunately, that your website can feel less powerful than the entrepreneurial extroverts out there.


This doesn’t mean your business is doomed to a life in the digital shadows.

In fact, far from it!

I know – both personally and professionally – of MANY successful introverted entrepreneurs who have built flourishing empires driven by powerful brand voices.

And this is because introverts have several key traits that make them incredibly persuasive and powerful.

Introverted entrepreneurs are:

  • Sensitive to the needs and desires of their target audience.
  • Focused on creating a thoughtful and nurturing customer experience.
  • Highly creative and imaginative.
  • Intuitively able to connect with their audience on a deep and meaningful level.

(Told ya we were awesome!)

And even if we don’t have the loudest voice in real-life, we can certainly cultivate a captivating and compelling website.

How? Simple: Ensure your business has a distinct and potent personality.

No, it doesn’t have to roar with boldness.

No, it doesn’t have to scream with playfulness.

It can be quietly commanding … but persuasively powerful.

A little like you, gorgeous!

Stay tuned …

I’ll be back in a future post with tips and tricks for cultivating your powerful brand voice as an introverted entrepreneur.

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