Why you should give your Instagram captions a little word love

why you should give your instagram captions a little word love

You’ve got enough on your to-do list without adding ‘write the perfect Instagram caption’ to the mix. AmIright?

I get it. I really, really do.

But half-arsing your captions is a little like making the most beautifully-presented cake in the world …

… and having it taste like soggy cardboard.

Sure, it’ll look good. And your audience will still be like, “Wow, that’s gorgeous.”

But can you imagine if your cake not only looked great but tasted great too?

You’d be unstoppable! And totally unforgettable.

Now imagine if your Instagram posts not only had style but substance too.

You’d wow them with your photos and then woo them with your words. It’d be a complete (and completely satisfying) experience that propelled your content light years ahead of your competitions’.

Not to mention …

But why I’m so gung-ho about investing in your social media captions is that it’s such a great opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors and showcase your brand personality.

There are millions of businesses like yours, all with their own sunset snaps and pizza posts*.

But there’s only one you.

There’s nobody else on this planet with your thoughts, feelings, experiences and stories.

Which makes Instagram the perfect platform for showcasing your one-of-a-kind genius and value.

Pretty bad-ass, huh?

So … how do you write the perfect Instagram caption?

Great question.

Keep reading, friend!

How to write the perfect Instagram caption

*Did you know that pizza is the most Instagrammed food? Source.

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