How to multi-task your blog content

how to multi task your blog content

Bear with me because today I’m going to try my hand (or my head, rather) at some mind reading …

You were told that in order to attract your dream customers and get your website flirting with Google’s heavyweight search rankings, that you needed to have a blog

And, you know, more than just a menu item on your site with the label ‘blog’, you needed to actually do something with it. 

So for the last few months (or years), you’ve …

  • Committed to writing fresh new content as often as possible. 
  • Killed brain cells thinking about the BEST content to write. 
  • Tried your hardest to add value and help your dream customers with what’s on their mind …
  • While also subtly selling your offerings and positioning yourself as a pro. 
  • In short: You’ve invested some serious brain power, creativity and time into making your blog happen.*

BUT … nothing HAS happened. 

You expected digital fireworks. Customers cramming your inbox with orders. For peeps – and Google – to stalk your content because it’s that damn good. 

Instead, you’re just …

  • Stressed out trying to think of something new to say every week. 
  • Frustrated by your lack of results.
  • An itty bitty bit resentful of having to write your blog. 
  • Irritated that your awesome content isn’t getting the attention it deserves. 
  • OVERWHELMED by all of the things you’re meant to be doing (blog writing, newsletter writing, social media copy, opt-ins, lead magnets and not snapping at your partner when he does that weird breathing thing). 

So, how did I do? Was I close?

If I was, I have to admit … It had nothing to do with mind reading and everything to do with understanding just how hard it is to build a blog that actually attracts your dream customers and makes a difference to your bottom line. 

And this is why my clients come to me for help. 

“Cass, I want my content marketing to get me results!”

“I’m tired of pouring all this love into my blog only for it to come back with crickets.”


“What am I doing wrong?!”

And my favourite … “Can you help?”

Because, I totes can. That’s my jam. In fact, I specialise in crafting blog content that attracts and connects with your audience. 

*Buffs collar*

But that’s not what I’m going to talk to you about today. 

Instead, I want to give you something – for free! – that’s going to amplify your content marketing. 

And it’s all about … multi-tasking. 

You see, you’re doing great by giving your blog some TLC. High-five. But that awesome content that you’ve created for your blog can be re-used and re-purposed to give YOU even more VALUE and RESULTS. 

One blog post can give you so much more than just, well, one blog post. 

Wanna see what else your blog can do for you?


Just click the image below with ‘how to multi-task your blog content’ to grab a free infographic. 

Free, free, free ‘cos I think you’re the bee, bee, bee’s knees!

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