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Wild Spirit Co. is a boutique creative copywriting and sales copywriting agency that fist-bumps with clever start-ups, small businesses and established businesses searching for words that woo and copy that converts.

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I don’t always fan-girl over fellow entrepreneurs. But when I do … I go all in. I read everything they’ve ever written. I follow all their social media accounts. I imagine what would happen if we stumbled into each other on the street. (In 99.9% of these imaginary scenarios, we become BFF’s, she moves into the apartment next door and we share a co-working space filled with animals, chocolate and puns.) There is no middle ground. I love deeply, yo. Aaaaand I’m guessin’ you’re the same. You seem

Five alternatives to pop-ups Aaaand sliding into first place to win the not-so-coveted spot of ‘The Interwebs Most Loathed Digital Marketing Tool’ is … POP-UPS! Wait, what are pop-ups? Pop-ups are the opt-ins or ads that, well, pop up on your screen when you visit a website. They’re typically used to capture your email address or direct you to new content. Marketers and companies that sell pop-up software tend to sprout positive conversion figures when they’re talking about ‘em. Which means pop-ups aren’t so bad, right? Well, it depends who you