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Why every piece of content you create deserves a strategy

“I’m not exactly sure how you can stuff up scrambled eggs on toast … But, er, it appears you’ve done it.” My lovely partner, Brian, told me.

We stared down at the burnt-to-a-crisp bread and odd-coloured goo of eggs I’d sloshed onto our plates.

If it were just me, I’d eat it. I made it, therefore it must be eaten. Add a bit of bbq sauce, wash it down with some hot chocolate, and yummo. But Brian had a far classier taste palate than I did.

So I picked up my phone and scrolled through our order-in options while Brian continued to do a post-mortem on my cooking.

“Did you follow a recipe?” He asked.

I shook my head. “Nope, I just winged it.”

“Ah.” He responded. “Okay, well, you need to treat cooking like you do your content.”

I paused, my fingers hovering over an ‘add to cart’ button that’d result in waffles being added to my belly soonish, and realised he was right.

I needed to treat cooking like I did my content.

I.e. Make a plan and then follow the damn plan. 

Will it work? Stay tuned.

But until I attempt cooking again, let’s talk content. And, more precisely, how planning and strategy can help you with your content.

You see, I’m a bit (cough, a lot, cough) precious with my content.

I invest a lot of time, energy and creativity in coming up with content that is both targeted and valuable.

I don’t believe in posting blog content or sending out a newsletter every week just because it’s what you should do. 

Or winging it and hoping that inspiration strikes or that you can figure it out as you go along.

When it comes to my content marketing, I’m strictly a make-a-plan then follow-the-plan kinda gal.

 I believe in offering as much fricken value as often as humanly possible so you can help your audience succeed. 

THAT’S the purpose of my content marketing.

And because those be some big ass goals, it means …

Every single piece of content I create has its own strategy.

I’m talking about a plan that guides:

  • What I’m creating and who I’m creating for.
  • Why I’m creating it.
  • What I want it to achieve.
  • Where it will be used.
  • How it will be used.
  • What comes next.

But why do I go into such depth for something as small as a blog post?

Well, because I don’t want to end up with the content equivalent of funny-coloured eggs on burnt-toast. 

My time is valuable. My audience’s time is valuable.

I need my content to step up and enable that value (heh, see what I did there? valuable, enable value) on the regular.

I don’t have time to wing it. I need strategy so my audience gets success.

And that is why every piece of content I create gets its own strategy.

Now … how about yours? Are you thinking about your content in a way that ensures it’s being used to the best of its ability? Or are you just winging it and hoping for the best?

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