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Three things my copywriting clients did to build six-figure businesses

I’m one lucky daughter of a gun.*

For reals.

You see, four years ago I decided to turn my freelance writing into a serious thing and today I’m sitting here, writing to you, as a serious (ha!) business owner with a cooler than a white Christmas – yay! Christmas is coming!  – copywriting biz that lights me up.

That makes me lucky for more reasons than I can count.

But today, I just wanna talk to you about one of ‘em:

My clients.

My successful, aspirational, inspiring-as-all-heck clients.

The same clients that I have watched go from five figure years to five figure months.

In all honesty, working with them has been like an intensive one-on-one MBA.

I’ve been able to see what works (and what doesn’t) and understand how to replicate the same strategies across multiple industries and niches.

Today, I want to share three of those bite-sized strategies with you.

But here’s the deal. This isn’t a dictatorship. It’s me, sharing some stuff that I’ve seen work, in the hopes it helps you in your journey.

So take what feels right and leave what doesn’t. As always, this is your journey and your rules.


Three things my copywriting clients did to build six-figure businesses


01 / They added value.

They weren’t just in it for the dollar dollar bills.

They genuinely wanted to help people.

They knew their why (i.e. why they do what they do) and it drove everything they did. Including giving their customers – and potential customers – as much information, resources and value as possible.

And by adding value – consistently and creatively – they were able to position themselves as the go-to peeps for their niche.

Powerful stuff.

Because any business can sell their stuff … but it takes a truly special biz to connect with their customers and build a relationship with them.

02 / They cultivated a distinct social media presence.

They weren’t playing with social media.

They were there to make an impact and share content that was memorable.

Each and every post had a purpose and took them one step closer to their goals.

It was strategic … without feeling slimy.

But what was really interesting is that they all chose different platforms to work on.

One of my clients has had enormous success using free webinars and Facebook Live. Another client has made email marketing her lady dog. One of my other clients absolutely kills it on Instagram and has the coolest IG stories I’ve ever seen. While yet another brings home the bacon by carefully curating irresistible Pinterest boards.

You don’t have to do it all. Just choose one – or two – platforms and do it well.

(Tweetable: It’s more important to do it well than to do it all.)

Personally, I love Instagram and Facebook for connecting with my peeps. I have a soft spot for Instagram though, so I’m on there more often.**

But what matters more than the platform you choose is what you do with it.

Be consistent. Post regularly. Create meaningful content. Be strategic. Collaborate.

Do those things and I have no doubt you’ll see results.


03 / They multi-tasked their content

So you spent an hour crafting a compelling blog post that you know has a one-two punch of adding value and positioning your business as an expert and authority.

(Or, you leveled-up and hired me to do it for you.)

You’re feeling pretty proud of yourself, right?

And so you should! After all, it’s one thing to talk about creating content for your business and it’s another thing to actually do it. And we all know that most businesses find themselves in the latter category more often than not.

But here’s the thing, creating one piece of content and using it for one purpose is like … only eating your apples raw.

Sure, it’s awesome. Apples are tasty.

But what if you could zap your apple with a cloning machine and turn it into apple pie too.  And then multiply it again and caramelize it? And multiply it again and make apple strudel?

Yum, right?

There’s so much potential in that itty bitty apple of yours.

Just like there’s so much potential in your content.

And best of all, you don’t need a cloning machine to benefit from it.

You can repurpose one blog post into:

Four Instagram posts

An Instagram story

An email newsletter

Facebook content

A vlog or Facebook Live

Visual content (like an infographic)

A webinar script


You can even rewrite your blog and rework it to act as a contributor submission to another blog or site.

Now that’s multi-tasking.

And that’s how my clients have been able to get maximum content bang for their buck.

So, that’s it for today.

If you enjoyed today’s blog, be sure to forward it onto a friend or drop a comment and let me know what you thought!


*Okay, that doesn’t sound as good as son of a gun (which, after a quick Google, means being the offspring of a military man, thus ‘gun’) but you get what I mean.

**I created a new seven-day social media strategy for Wild Spirit Co.! Once it’s live, I’ll share the deets and show you how can you build one of your own.

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