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How to Identify Your Target Market

Tired of fumbling around in the dark for the peeps that’ll care about – nay, adore! – what you do?

It’s time to turn on the light and illuminate your target market!

And, because time is money yo (and memories better spent on stuff like giggle snorts with your bestie and nature walks with your pooch), let’s make it snappy.

What is a target market?

A target market is a defined group of people that you would like to sell your product/service to.

There are as many ways to define a target market as there are to entertain a toddler, but to keep things simple you can focus on the gender and age of your audience (known as ‘demographics’) as well as their location (‘geographics’) and their values, personality and interests (‘psychographics’).

In my business – creative copywriting and content marketing – having a clear target market is important because it ensures I’m crafting communications that connect and compel.

The more targeted I can make my copy, the more persuasive power my words will have.

When you identify your target market, you know:

  • Who you’re talking to.
  • What they want from you.
  • How to satisfy those wants.
  • Where you can find your audience.
  • And how to communicate with them in a way that’s compelling and memorable

Not sure where to start? It’s okay. I can help.

How to identify your target market … in just three steps

Put on your best Sherlock Holmes investigative cap, pour out your beverage of choice and then find a comfy spot to ponder the following.


01 / Who does your offering help?

Think about the people that can use your offering. What problems keep them up at night? How does your offering fix those problems?

For example, my target market (also known as my target audience, customer avatar and my dream client) are women in business that struggle to meaningfully articulate what they do and why their audience should care.

My offering – creative copywriting – helps them by giving them words that’ll woo and copy that’ll convert.

So, what does your target market struggle with? And how can your offering help?


02 / Who has your business attracted in the past?

Were they mostly male or female? What age group were they in? Where were they based? What was their personality? What were their values?

This question is important because it reflects who your current branding, marketing and communications is attracting.

If you’re unsure, take a peek at the social media accounts of some of your customers. This should give you some insight into these questions.


03 / Blend the two categories.

 Now, of the people above, who would you really like to work with?

Why? For past customers, what was it about them or their working style that appealed to you?

I ask this question because sometimes who your business has attracted in the past isn’t necessarily who you’d like it to attract in the future.

And that’s okay. We all evolve and change, as does our business. It’s part of living, learning and being human. The key is to stay connected to your goals and values so you can cultivate a business that feels good for you.

The last thing you want is to have a business that attracts people you hate working with!

So why not mix the best bits of both categories to create your target market?


And voila – you’ve found a sweet spot of customers that not only need your offering but are guaranteed to love it too.


But, er, feel like you need just a little bit more to figure out your target market?

I created a special worksheet to guide my Christmas Challenge participants in figuring out who they did – and didn’t – want their business to attract.

It’s a PDF that you can fill out and keep and then use to guide your future marketing, branding and communications decisions.

If you didn’t grab it then, you can get your copy for free now by signing up to the Copy Club here.


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