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Should you post new content during the Christmas period?


“So, here’s the thing,” my client said. “I don’t read over the holiday period. Period.”

We were sharing a green smoothie – okay, she was sharing, I was trying to avoid sipping it – and the conversation had turned from my sales funnel copywriting to what we’d get Chris Pine for Christmas (or if we could get Chris Pine for Christmas) to my client’s red-faced confession.

“I eat. I drink. I play video games with my kids and I might flick through a magazine. But part of what makes the holiday period so great is that I don’t have to read stuff. It’s a holiday.”

I nodded, reached for the green smoothie, realised it was a green smoothie, and delicately pushed it back over to her side of the table.

“You’re not alone,” I reassured her. “There are heaps of people that take time off their business in general over Christmas.”


“So does that mean I don’t have to post?”


My instinct was to say ‘no’, but I held back and told her that I’d do some research and get back to her.

And I did. Then this is what I had to say.


While there are no stats, from what I can see online readership decreases over the holiday period.


(Which is usually Christmas Eve through to New Year’s Day and, some believe, even mid-January.)

Sure, some people use their holidays to catch up on all their reading, but most of us (in the southern hemisphere) just chill out by the pool or (for those in the northern hemisphere) spend our time making adorable snow angels.

This was half the reason why the sales funnels I’d created for my clients focused on attracting and converting customers in the lead-up to Christmas: Because for most of us outside retail, the holiday period can be quite slow.


But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post at all.


Instead, I recommend using this time to repurpose your existing content.

Republish some old blogs, create a round-up of your reader’s favourite articles, and share old interviews.

You could even recycle your holiday-themed content from last year.

(Nobody will remember. While I was researching this article, I asked my friend what she had for lunch yesterday and she couldn’t remember. Nobody is going to recall your Christmas campaign from last year. Promise.)


And rather than investing your energy in new content, focus your attention on social media.


Peeps will still be using social media over the holiday period. Some of them even more so as they upload happy snaps and quell boredom with a scroll fest.

So brainstorm a really cool grid for your Insty, schedule your repurposed content into Facebook and let your creativity go wild!

You’ve got this.

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