Wild Spirit Co.

Wild Spirit Co. is a boutique creative copywriting and sales copywriting agency that fist-bumps with clever start-ups, small businesses and established businesses searching for words that woo and copy that converts.

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Your website’s dream virtual salesperson

Irresistibly compelling, with an almost supernatural ability to capture your customers’ attention and take them on a journey from unsure to in-love, this tool is more than a resource … it’s an asset.

It doesn’t require mollycoddling or micro-managing. It never complains. It’s never late. It never plays hooky or chucks a sickie.

In fact, it’s always there.

It’s devoted to your business and lives and breathes your vision, message and brilliance Monday through Sunday, all day err day, 365 rotations around the sun.

Leaving you to do what you do best: run an awesome empire.

Or, you know, go on vacation. Either way.

Sound like somebody you want on your team?

Meet the (almost) almighty sales page.

A sales page is an area of your site devoted to explaining and positioning your offerings. It might be called your ‘work with me’, ‘services’, ‘packages’ or ‘hire me’ page.

Your sales page copy is important. Like, really important. Because while clever marketing, SEO and design may get customers onto your site, it’s up to your sales page to convert potential customers into actual customers.

And what’s going to convert them? You got it: compelling sales page copywriting.

You might be giving your sales page a second glance if:

You’re a start-up launching your website for the very first time.

You might feel like you have no idea where to start or what to write when you do get started.

But you know you want to do things right and make sure your business gets the attention – and conversions! – it deserves straight away.

You’re an established business with a new offering.

You might have DIY’d your copy in the past but the thought of doing it again leaves you feeling the same way the idea of an intimate eight-course meal with your in-laws (bless their cotton socks) does. Or taxes. Actually, doing your taxes might be easier.

You have an existing biz (and sales page) but you’re ready to level-up.

You might have enjoyed success in the past but you’re now ready to turn things up a notch (or three … billion) and are determined to elevate your business, brand and success.

If so, I can help.

Hi, I’m Cassandra (you can call me ‘Cass’). 

I’m the resident word nerd in charge of Wild Spirit Copywriting.

My short and sweet bio is this:

Former journalist and communications manager turned word-wrangler for hire that now fist bumps with clever entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses searching for words that woo and copy that converts.

You can learn more about me over here.

Some other things you should probably know:

  • I majored in psychology with a minor in marketing (and am a little bit obsessed with figuring out what makes people tick … especially your target customers!)
  • I’m the founder, creator and editor of an online magazine that has surfed Apple’s top app charts (so I know what it takes to create web copy and content that is persuasive and memorable). 
  • I loathe a traditional sales pitch (so you can rest assured your copy will be an exclusively feel-good zone for your customers).
  • I believe that pushy sales tactics suck. (Which is why I’m so passionate about crafting sales copy experiences that feel good – for you and your target market.)

"Cass is without a doubt the most talented word mistress I've ever come across. She is able to actually get into words all the thoughts you have in your head but can't articulate. I highly recommend her for skill, application of wit (that had me giggling for days) and generosity of spirit. I will definitely seek her out for our next project!"

- Karina Ferrante

Black Arrow Candles

I specialise in magnetic sales copy that effortlessly connects, compels and sells.

Let’s skip the boring bits, shall we?

What I do: I craft memorable long-form sales page copy that instantly captures and keeps your target market’s attention.

Why you should care: If your product, service or offering requires significant investment (or is priced over under twenty bucks) and needs more than a one-liner to persuade people to buy, then your sales copy counts.

Your sales page copy is more than just words on a page. It’s a direct channel to connecting with your customer, answering their burning questions and removing any of their hesitations.

Good sales copy not only connects and converts, it can improve your digital and web metrics across the board. From getting you into Google’s good books and increasing your search visibility through to improving bounce rates and extending the average customer visit, good sales copy is an asset with a direct impact on your bottom line.

I wrote a sales page for these peeps. Here’s what happened:

My eCourse is SOLD OUT! Thank you so much, Cass. The sales page you wrote for my Biz Bootcamp was perfect. The feedback I received was enormously positive (my target market said they felt like I 'got' them and was talking directly to them). I sold out in five days and am already planning to run another round. I couldn't have done it without you.

Anna Dower

Design With Style

“When I read the sales page copy for my e-book it made me want to buy it! It seemed to have the same effect on my audience too: In the first seven days I made a 400% return on investment! If I didn't have such a professional sales page I don't think I would have made near as many sales. The email copy also helped me to convert people to website visitors.”

Kaylene Langford

StartUp Creative

How it works

Step 1: Send me an email

Let me know what you need help with and I’ll respond within 48-hours.

(Please check your junk mail, the email gods have condemned me to eternally land in spam.)

Step 2: You like what you see.

The adventure begins! I’ll shoot over a Welcome Kit, you’ll check out my Creative Agreement, pay my invoice and fill out my questionnaire (it’s fun, I promise) and then I’ll send over a project schedule.

Step 3: I start writing.

I shift into research and writing mode. This is my chance to explore your business and get to know your target market. This process typically takes three to four weeks. The next time you hear from me, I’ll have your draft copy ready for you!

Step 4: Your final copy is delivered!

You’ll have a chance to review your copy and request any changes or edits to be made. After I’ve actioned your feedback, I’ll whip up your final copy and send it over. Too easy!

“I needed a word nerd because I had spent endless hours trying to create copy for my website without much luck. It was the first time I had worked with a copywriter so I was a little nervous about whether she would understand what I was after. But she absolutely nailed it! I couldn't be any happier with the words she put together and I am so excited to share them with my tribe. Today, I continue to work with Cass as she creates ongoing blog and digital content for my site.”

Brianna Kiely

27 Design Street


  • The Start-Up Package
  • AUD $1,599


  • BUDGET-FRIENDLY. Sales page copywriting for start-ups launching their website for the first time.

    • An up to 1,500 word professionally copywritten sales page.
    • A complimentary round of edits to ensure you’re over the moon with the final copy.
    • Complimentary proofreading of your live page.
  • The Strategy Package
  • AUD $1,699


  • Save $300! Sales page copywriting for start-ups and established businesses wanting to refresh, rebrand and reposition their key offering.

    • An up to 2,000 word professionally copywritten sales page.
    • Two x social media sales pitches (suitable for Facebook and Instagram captions).
    • A complimentary round of edits to ensure you’re over the moon with the final copy.
    • Complimentary proofreading of your live page.
  • The Shiny New Deluxe Package
  • AUD $1,750


  • MOST POPULAR: Save $1098! Sales page copywriting for start-ups and established businesses with a new offering.

    • An up to 2,000 word professionally copywritten sales page.
    • Two x social media sales pitches (suitable for Instagram or Facebook captions).
    • An up to 700 word blog post or vlog script (suitable to act as a read magnet) focused on attracting and capturing your target market’s interest and directing them to your offering.
    • An up to 800 word professionally copywritten sales email to promote your offering to your email list.
    • A complimentary round of edits to ensure you’re over the moon with the final copy.
    • Complimentary proofreading of your live page.

"I find it challenging to write the way that I think and I needed somebody that totally understood me and my business and where I was going. I was nearly in tears (the good kind) reading through the web copy Cass crafted for me. I have been searching for Cass ever since I started my business journey three years ago – someone who could actually put to paper what is going on in my head. I literally could not have hoped for anything better than this. It is crazy she managed to understand and convey my whole life’s purpose/work in such a short time."

Zoe Strawbridge

Lighter With Less

“I got a question, yo.”

What happens when I click the 'book in' button?

It’ll bring up an email form so you can get in touch. You’ll hear back from me within 48 hours and we’ll get the party started! If you haven’t heard from me, it’s because the email demons have gobbled up my mail. Please check your junk or spam folder just in case.

How will you figure out my brand voice and style?

Once you’ve confirmed you’d like to collaborate (high-five!), I’ll send over a Welcome Kit that includes my invoice, Creative Agreement and a brand questionnaire. The brand questionnaire is a treasure trove of intel to help me get to know your biz, brand and unique brand voice and personality.

Will my sales copy sound like me?

Heck to the yes. It’s your business, your brilliance and your brand voice and personality. I just provide the word nerdery.

How long will it take before I get my copy?

The average turn-around time for sales copy (once I’ve started writing) is two to three weeks. To check my calendar and availability, please email me at

Do your packages include design?

No. My sales copywriting packages only include the copy. I know some badass graphic designers that would love to help you out with your sales page design though! Just give me a nudge if you need some recommendations.

How do I know you’re any good?

Well, I wrote this page. You like it? 😉 You can also read my testimonials, check out my portfolio and read some of my articles to check if you like my vibe. But with nine years experience and a world of wordy expertise tucked into the waistband of my yoga pants, I think you’re going to like what you see.

Can’t I just write my sales page myself?

Sure. You could. You’re clever and nobody knows your offering quite like you do. But sometimes you can be too close to your business, which can make it really fricken hard to take a step back and see the forest for the trees. Hiring a copywriter will help you eliminate the stress, hassle and brain strain of crafting creative sales copy that does your business and offering justice.

What if I don't like what you've written?

I spend a lot of time researching and getting to know your business, brand and target market so that the copy I craft is thoughtful and targeted. However if my copy isn’t perfect in the first draft, don’t panic, we will have a round of edits up our sleeve to make any necessary changes.

Are you an SEO copywriter?

I’m not an SEO specialist, if that’s what you mean. My jam is creative copywriting and sales copywriting. In saying that, all of my copy is basic search engine optimised as standard.

What are your payment terms?

I require payment up-front to reserve time in my calendar.

Do you offer refunds?

No, I don’t.

Can we chat on the phone first?

I’m a one-woman show, which means I take phone appointments very seriously (time is money, yo). So it’s not a hard ‘no’, but please keep in mind that it may be a few days to a week’s wait until I can schedule you in.

I need 'about' page copy and other stuff too.

No worries. I have a package for that. Head on over to my Web Copy page.

I've got another question.

Awesome! Let’s get you some answers. You can get in touch with me by emailing me at

Convinced? Want to reserve your spot in my calendar?