Wild Spirit Co.

Wild Spirit Co. is a boutique creative copywriting and sales copywriting agency that fist-bumps with clever start-ups, small businesses and established businesses searching for words that woo and copy that converts.

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What my clients think of me

Wanna check that I can walk the talk? Don’t just take my word for it … see what my clients have to say.

“I love designing so much, but writing is the opposite of that feeling. So I hired Cass to write four video scripts designed to build our authority and expand our audience. I was so excited and nervous because it was my first time hiring out video script writing so I didn't know what to expect. But the process was very seamless - I loved it! And the video scripts were perfect. Cass did the storytelling in a very natural and engaging way. I was afraid of disconnection in between the opening and content etc., but nope, she did it so well. I’m looking forward to working with her again soon.”

Kathie Wiehanne


“I’m certain Cass is a unicorn. I’m a graphic layout designer, so I can create visual guidance all day. But words? Yeah, I definitely have a hard time getting those out. Which was why, when my business mentor recommended Cass, I jumped at the chance to work with her. And, of course, Cass was amazing. Her thorough questionnaire captured sides of my business needs I didn’t even know about. She helped me pull together my website information, build my first infographic freebie and create four evergreen blog posts. She easily captured my personality and what my business was trying to accomplish. It was a seamless, easy process, she is a fabulous wordsmith, and if I could figure out a way for her to do all of my communication on a daily basis, I would.”

Shelley Crick

Layout Queen

"Cass transforms every single brief I give her into a masterpiece. And best of all it still sounds like ME. She is incredible at channeling your voice and personality, but in a way that expresses your message better than you ever could. She's a creative maestro and continues to support me with strategic content and copy that is focused on growing my business and brand."

- Anna Dower

Design With Style

“I needed a word nerd because I had spent endless hours trying to create copy for my website without much luck. It was the first time I had worked with a copywriter so I was a little nervous about whether she would understand what I was after. But she absolutely nailed it! I couldn't be any happier with the words she put together and I am so excited to share them with my tribe. Today, I continue to work with Cass as she creates ongoing blog and digital content for my site.”

Brianna Kiely

27 Design Street

"I've been looking for a great copywriter who actually 'got' me for a while ... finally I have found my gal! Cass is so talented, I can't fault her service and the content she delivered was amazing. If you're looking for somebody to create amazing copy for your business, Cass is your woman."

Juliet Allen

- Juliet Allen

"I like writing a lot but I get in my own way when it comes to the "process". I'm too disorganized and I'm certainly not linear when it comes to my thoughts. Cass did an amazing job at taking the message that I've been trying to convey for ages and putting it into clear, emotion-invoking words for my vlog scripts. I couldn't have done a better job at it myself. And she took an interest in getting to know what I stand for and what my brand really stands for, which I think is really unique about her. I felt like I could trust her to write amazing content for me, and she delivered."

Korynn Elliott

Zen Femme

"Cass is without a doubt the most talented word mistress I've ever come across. She is able to actually get into words all the thoughts you have in your head but can't articulate. I highly recommend her for skill, application of wit (that had me giggling for days) and generosity of spirit. I will definitely seek her out for our next project!"

- Karina Ferrante

Black Arrow Candles

“When I read the sales page copy for my e-book it made me want to buy it! It seemed to have the same effect on my audience too: In the first seven days I made a 400% return on investment! If I didn't have such a professional sales page I don't think I would have made near as many sales. The email copy also helped me to convert people to website visitors.”

Kaylene Langford

StartUp Creative

"I find it challenging to write the way that I think and I needed somebody that totally understood me and my business and where I was going. I was nearly in tears (the good kind) reading through the web copy Cass crafted for me. I have been searching for Cass ever since I started my business journey three years ago – someone who could actually put to paper what is going on in my head. I literally could not have hoped for anything better than this. It is crazy she managed to understand and convey my whole life’s purpose/work in such a short time."

Zoe Strawbridge

Lighter With Less

"Working with Cass has totally turned my business around. Her knowledge, patience and amazing writing ability has seen my business come to life. Cass has created my brand and written web copy, marketing material and content for my business. I cannot thank her enough and will be hiring her for the rest of my career."

Sarah Nicholls

Nutritional Bliss

"I hired Cass to rewrite my website copy. Before we worked together, I really struggled to explain what I was offering. I didn’t feel confident with the packages I had available and I wanted my words to have have much more focus and clarity. Working with Cass was honestly a dream come true! Cass understood my business so well that it almost feels as though she was a co-founder of A Mystical Life. She helped elevate my brand to another level and share my vision with words that were so authentic and aligned with who I am and what I offer."

Annie Mand

A Mystical Life