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Wild Spirit Co. is a boutique creative copywriting and sales copywriting agency that fist-bumps with clever start-ups, small businesses and established businesses searching for words that woo and copy that converts.

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Want more word-of-mouth sales? Focus on this.

I’m a little bit extra. 


I dress my dog up for Halloween (no jokes, check out my  later today for some pics), decorate my Christmas tree on the 1st November and plan the most elaborately outrageous anniversary presents for my man.


And like all of my weird character traits, this extra-ness definitely sneaks into my business.


But, for once (unlike my tendency to giggle-snort when I’m on the phone to my clients #sahladylike), it’s actually a good thing.


Because after every project, I send my clients a feedback questionnaire. 


This baby is my way of stepping into my client’s shoes to get an insider view on how the copy adventure was for them.


And time and time again my clients have told me that their second favourite part* of working with me is my decidedly extra on-boarding and communication process.


Not because I’m crazy about communication, but because it makes the adventure feel less like a transaction and more like an experience. 


Which is why my clients don’t even hesitate to recommend me to their friends, family and colleagues. They know I’m a word nerd with the skills to bring in the dollar, dollar bills AND they know that I’ll make sure the process is fun and stress-free.


(Plus, I make sure they get a freebie every time one of their referrals books with me, so it’s a win-win.)


Which makes word-of-mouth my number one marketing breadwinner. 


But let’s skip back a bit, because it’s time to make this aaaalll about you.


Remember how I mentioned yada yada ‘more like an experience’?


Well, here’s why it matters:


The secret to awesome word-of-mouth marketing is in ensuring you have an awesome customer experience.


And the secret to ensuring you have an awesome customer experience is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes.


Ask yourself:

What questions might they have?
What resources do they need to support them right now?
How can I help?
How can I make this process more fun?
How can I make this process simpler?
How can I ensure my clients/customers get results?


These are the questions I ask myself when I’m crafting my client experience.


And these are the questions that help me guarantee that I’m delivering more than just compelling copy; I’m delivering an experience that will amplify my client’s success.


Cool huh?


So why not set aside half an hour this week to answering these questions? This should guide you in crafting an experience that romances them from first ‘hello’.

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