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Wild Spirit Co. is a boutique creative copywriting and sales copywriting agency that fist-bumps with clever start-ups, small businesses and established businesses searching for words that woo and copy that converts.

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Let’s talk secret recipes. And no, I don’t mean the bearded Colonel type of secret recipes. More like the type of recipes that are handed down from generation to generation. The kind that are tucked close to your chest and kept up your sleeve for when you know you have to wine, dine and impress. Those kind of recipes. My secret family recipe is the most melt-in-your-mouth chocolate brownies on earth. They have this creamy, decadent icing that explodes in your mouth when you take a bite. And the brownie? Dear lord, the

Tired of generating fresh, must-read, totally-worth-your-time content week after week after week (like a never-ending Content Groundhog Day)? Is your creativity well feeling a little dry? Wish you could master the art of consistent, charismatic content that charms and compels? I’ve got some good news for you. All you need is one good idea.  One good idea that you can plump up like a wordy Hansel and Gretel to keep your tribe fed for a full month. Here’s how to do it. How to turn one idea into a

It’s any blogger or businesses’ worst nightmare: a blog that has had a bucket load of time, resources and love poured into it but receives only spam messages and cricket chirps in response. So what do you do if you’re simply not capturing your reader’s attention? Read on for seven possible reasons why your blog might be losing readers. Problem #1: You’re not offering your readers any valuable information.  Solution: When you’re writing (or rereading) your post, ask yourself: “What will my readers get from this?” It might be

Blog post frequency is actually a much more complex issue than you might think. Firstly, because you and your business are unique and secondly, because your readers are pretty darn inimitable too. What works for one business and blog might not work for you. Same goes on the flip side. So my advice would be to adopt the old trial and error approach. Depending on your goals, try one or two different strategies for a few months and then check your results. And with that in mind,

Ever sat down to write your obligatory blog post only to draw a complete blank? Or maybe you have exhausted your list of topics and feel like you’re wading in the shallow end of the content pool? Believe it or not, it is possible to have creative, original and engaging blog posts each and every week. Here’s how: Spend one day a month brainstorming content  The easiest way I’ve found to develop my content strategy for upcoming weeks and months is to dedicate a whole day each month to its

My friend and I like to joke that if you could combine the two of us we’d make the perfect business duo. Yep, we’re modest like that. And while I’m sure that combining the two of us would be a recipe for disaster on a personal level, it actually makes good business sense.   But life isn’t like that. You can’t just take your friend’s awesome butt (that she totally doesn’t appreciate) and swap it for your casper-white skin (which she claims she loves). And you

Here’s the thing … I know you’ve been crafting content that deserves to be read. Bewitching blog posts. Arresting articles. Powerfully poignant pieces. All of your contributions to the interwebs are worthy of a six-figure audience that drop comments like they’re hot. But being worthy of greatness and actually achieving brilliance? Well, they’re not necessarily interconnected. And there’s still one thing standing in your way: First you have to convince your audience that your blog and post deserves a few minutes of their time.  So lets focus on what really matters: getting you

Softly-spoken. Boldly evocative. She is a divine storyteller. A mythical artist. A heart-fuelled creative genius. She whispers to the dreamers. Romances the visionaries. Seduces the seekers.  She is … the muse. Ever sat down at your desk and immediately felt inspiration flow from your fingertips, as naturally and easily as breathing? Or maybe you were driving to work, taking a shower or doing your grocery shopping and suddenly it hit you: the idea. The muse has many names (imagination, inspiration, creativity), but one thing is certain: she’s a flighty,