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Author: Cassandra Lane

Tired of fumbling around in the dark for the peeps that’ll care about – nay, adore! – what you do? It’s time to turn on the light and illuminate your target market! And, because time is money yo (and memories better spent on stuff like giggle snorts with your bestie and nature walks with your pooch), let’s make it snappy. What is a target market? A target market is a defined group of people that you would like to sell your product/service to. There are as many ways to

Five alternatives to pop-ups Aaaand sliding into first place to win the not-so-coveted spot of ‘The Interwebs Most Loathed Digital Marketing Tool’ is … POP-UPS! Wait, what are pop-ups? Pop-ups are the opt-ins or ads that, well, pop up on your screen when you visit a website. They’re typically used to capture your email address or direct you to new content. Marketers and companies that sell pop-up software tend to sprout positive conversion figures when they’re talking about ‘em. Which means pop-ups aren’t so bad, right? Well, it depends who you

“If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.” - Henry Ford Have you ever finished up an exhausting work day, wiped the sweat off your brow, reached for a glass of vino and then thought "Wtf did I even accomplish today?" You weren't slacking. In fact, you were pedal to the metal all day long. Your fingers were whirring across the keyboard faster than the speed of light and your brain was so over-used that the only words you are now able to summon are "food, please". But

  “So, here’s the thing,” my client said. “I don’t read over the holiday period. Period.” We were sharing a green smoothie - okay, she was sharing, I was trying to avoid sipping it - and the conversation had turned from my sales funnel copywriting to what we’d get Chris Pine for Christmas (or if we could get Chris Pine for Christmas) to my client’s red-faced confession. “I eat. I drink. I play video games with my kids and I might flick through a magazine. But part of what makes the holiday period

Let’s talk secret recipes. And no, I don’t mean the bearded Colonel type of secret recipes. More like the type of recipes that are handed down from generation to generation. The kind that are tucked close to your chest and kept up your sleeve for when you know you have to wine, dine and impress. Those kind of recipes. My secret family recipe is the most melt-in-your-mouth chocolate brownies on earth. They have this creamy, decadent icing that explodes in your mouth when you take a bite. And the brownie? Dear lord, the

I'm a little bit extra.    I dress my dog up for Halloween (no jokes, check out my  later today for some pics), decorate my Christmas tree on the 1st November and plan the most elaborately outrageous anniversary presents for my man.   And like all of my weird character traits, this extra-ness definitely sneaks into my business.   But, for once (unlike my tendency to giggle-snort when I'm on the phone to my clients #sahladylike), it's actually a good thing.   Because after every project, I send my clients a feedback questionnaire.    This

Did you know that – back in the day - you had to perform a choreographed dance in exchange for a ‘treat’ on Halloween? Imagine opening up the door to a group of witches, goblins and slightly (okay, very) underdressed Harley Quinn’s performing a dance routine on your doorstep. Ah. Mazing. That is definitely one old-timey tradition that I would love to see reinstated. So, I’ll make you a deal: If you bring back the Halloween boogie, I will let you steal four of my Halloween-inspired content marketing ideas

I’m one lucky daughter of a gun.* For reals. You see, four years ago I decided to turn my freelance writing into a serious thing and today I’m sitting here, writing to you, as a serious (ha!) business owner with a cooler than a white Christmas – yay! Christmas is coming!  - copywriting biz that lights me up. That makes me lucky for more reasons than I can count. But today, I just wanna talk to you about one of ‘em: My clients. My successful, aspirational, inspiring-as-all-heck clients. The same