Wild Spirit Co.

Wild Spirit Co. is an intuitive and wildly spirited creative copywriting biz that fist bumps with game changers, earth shakers and effervescent, soulful businesses from all over the globe.

Copywriting, which is just a fancy way of saying that I woo, wrangle and wrestle words for a living, is a pathway to meaningful storytelling and really connecting with your target market.

What, you thought that the magical beauty of stories was over just because you grew up?

Ha. Not so, my friend!

In fact, as the brilliant entrepreneur, start-up and business owner that you are, storytelling is so incredibly important for you now.

Words have power. Stories have magic.

And combining the two to transform your ideas into words and your offerings, expertise and brilliance into potent storytelling is one of the ways I can help you build an inimitably fierce and wildly spirited business.



Hello, lovely. My name is Cassandra.

I’m the geeky glasses behind Wild Spirit Co.

I have spent the last nine years honing my word nerd skills, unleashing my creativity on the unsuspecting universe and embracing the beautiful art of storytelling. I’ve played in careers as a journalist, communications manager and blogger while refining my skills in journalism, corporate writing, sales copywriting, professional copywriting, blogging and branding.

I’ve also spent more time than I care to admit devouring young adult novels. In other news, I’m now singularly qualified to effectively manage any upcoming zombie apocalypses, games of the hunger variety and romantic encounters with amorous, glittering vamps.

When I’m not losing hours immersed in wordsmithing or crafting my own YA novel, I infuse a lot of love, patience and good humour into my other creations: Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine, Happy + Well Academy, the Fauna Philosopher and The Truth or Dare Game.

Working with Cassie has allowed so much growth in my business. From the first time I contacted Cassie to the finished project, everything was done with such ease and love and Cassie makes you feel heard, understood and goes out of her way to make sure you feel comfortable with every step. Cassie weaves magic and makes my words dance. She is able to take what I say and laser right in to the core of it all so it speaks straight to the heart. I adore this brilliant woman and she is my go to wing woman for all my wordy needs.

I've been looking for a great copywriter who actually 'got' me for a while ... finally I have found my gal! Cass is so talented, I can't fault her service and the final product she delivered was perfect. If you're looking for someone to create amazing copy for your business, Cass is your woman.

Cass is without doubt the most talented word mistress I have come accross. She is able to actually get into words all the thoughts you have in your head but can't articulate. Highly recommend her for speed, application of wit (that had me giggling for days) and incredible generosity of spirit. Will definitely seek her out again for our next project!

Cass has been my copywriter for nearly a year now and in that time she has proven to be an asset to my business! She is a talented wordsmith that is reliable and professional, I would highly recommend her services to anyone and everyone.

Cass, I am gobsmacked at the awesomeness of you and this here work - this is EXACTLY what I needed - and I've already started to put your suggestions and advice in place. You are one very talented lady, and I'm looking forward to working with you more in the near future - I need your clever business brains in my life! Thank you thank you thank you x

Hannah Jones - https://theveganbox.com

Cassandra is an outstanding writer and I’ve been incredibly impressed with the services she has provided for my business and my clients. She writes with energy, passion and personality; always prompt and eager to do her best work on every job.

Working with Cassie has turned my business around. Her knowledge, patience and amazing writing ability has seen my business come to life. Cassie has edited my eBook, created my brand, and marketed my business. I cannot thank her enough, and will be hiring the help of Cassie and Wild Spirit Co. for the rest of my career.

I adore working with Cass. We get each other's vibes and it makes 'working together' fun! I know when I'm run off my feet, I can send her my copy outlines and she can magically weave her wand to create full synergistic copy that flows, sings and charms. I wholeheartedly recommend her as I continue to collaborate with her regularly myself! She's one of a kind. The world needs more Cass and fellow wild spirits!

Nikki Hassett - http://blissinventive.com